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Great Individeo projects
Creative in a true sense of this word:

- in motion pictures
- on TV
- in the Internet


Scripts as works of art:
All scripts are accepted.
The most interesting are edited.
The most talented are bought.
The luckiest are produced!


Motion picture production technology optimization

- video library ready-to-operate

For a TV-channel or a production company. Before Individ was born we have developed and implemented an automated video library 14 thousand tapes in 30 square metres: barcode scanner, labling, and a stream input. This video library is located at Moscow studio MediaCity. The implemented technology of tape turnover allows using the tapes many times without a risk of damaging video material. The cost-saving is more significant when working with expensive HDCam tapes.

- e-library

Video files access system for the projects of own production is a unique solution for a production company. This project is an organization solution, which allows for an access and an update of all video files of own production. For a large production company, specializing in TV-series production, its a real time and cost saving opportunity to have an immediate access to any episode of any project for any employee of the company.

- telelogistics

Quality control without Quality Control Department and everything that happens after post-production:

Carrying out quality control of own product without setting up Quality Control Department. Just a checklist instead of a department. Organization of a technology chain, which starts when the post-production is over and finishes with a broadcast on the TV-channel, which bought a license to broadcast.


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